Saturday, November 29, 2008

What I'm doing during Thanksgiving break.

OK..START! The first night(wednesday).
After movie marathon (watching 4 movies in one day)
This is Mine(rips and chicken shrimp), and the bellow will be the whole table.

The guy with the red shirt(nick) ask for the blazing hot sauce, it nearly killed me. 
It's spicier than Tom Yam, and the initial power is better than wasabi.
Me and mu host family thanksgiving dinner (actually is lunch, but they call it dinner)
  This is something size like ostrich and taste like chicken. Human named it turkey. The size is really huge. 8 of us can't even eat half of it. 
This is the long queue in front of best buy on the black friday around 4AM in the great morning.
Okay, for those who don't know, this is black friday. You can simply google it or search in wikipedia to know the details. I was planning to buy a 32'' Samsung LCD TV ,499USD which original price is over 700USD. There were only 7 or 8 of the stock of the TV I want and i was lucky enough to get it.
This is another meal with turkey in my friend's host family house.  This meal is GOOD! because the cook is a chinese and some of them taste like asian food! 
This is what they have for drinks. Wine and wine and Wine and some fruit juice. I have some some of the wine... er.... okay, it was just a cup , no big deal. But I'm sure it taste really really .... not good, because I don't drink and I don like alcoholic drink. 
This is a game something like UNO high tower, and this is our (bryan FOO , Nick and me) record. 37 stories high. At the end, bryan Foo end the game.

The first skating experience. (after half an hour of practice)


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