Monday, February 23, 2009


There is something more than music and lyrics can tell.
As you travel through time,
memories stayed.

It happened before the era of MSN, 
when we use to memorize each other's ICQ#..
104309670 met 115850603...
the legend of 1717 begun...
never thought that I still remember it?
thats rite. memory does stay.

There was time when I was alone.
without any of you. 
Voyage, travel in peaceful sea.

There was a person who asked me..
turned the time back, 
are u going to make same decision?
Yes. But in one condition.
clean up my memory, 
lets start from the beginning,
when I don't know cantonese and you teach me.
when you joke that u wan a burger at 3am, and i bought it. 
when you say that you will wait for me...
but...already, I  walked away.......
I learned a lot from you...
-don't judge a book by its cover, but only when u know what is the content.  
-Someone who treat her friends well doesn't mean she treat her bf well.
I always hate myself when thinking of u.

You brighten up my life.
You hate my ego, me too.
 I tried. but still, I cant control it.
Once I thought that I am so strong on defending something.
But, I let you and myself down.
You never turn your back on me,
no matter how hopeless and stupid I am..
Yet, i failed u. 
You are somehow 
ugly, dirty, selfish, stupid, dumb...........  
But, u know what? 
I don't really care, because thats why i love u.
And, I am worse than u.
so,what the hell wrong? 
Nothing.... Its all about me and my 
un-comprehensible's egos, selfishness and inhumane thought.
you really don't have to suffer like this.
You should go on...and my heart will go on.
just remember....... 
why Jack let go,
and why Rose cant hold tight of his hand.
There is again, something more then
"let go" can tell. 

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