Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Finance professor.

I missed my statistic class today as i slept too early this morning.. i mean..3 o'clock in the morning , it wasn't that bad, but the point is the class is at 8 o'clock in the freaking morning!
Whatever..=,=, I FINALLY MADE MY REVENGE....! I scored 100 in the statistic test! why is it a revenge? coz i scored only 76 for the last one.
Today, my finance's professor made another stupid joke and told us about something weird again... (last time was about what to bring in our first date) .. so what is new today?

prof: "As we all know the economy is very bad now, and people started to scratch their head about how to earn a living. The main impact of coz is about money, but what are something we miss? BABY!! our next generation. When the economy become worse and worse, people tend not to be reproductive because that eats a lot of money. "
 (he open a slide that shows a cow making love with another cow.) 

Prof:"you guys like this movie..?" (with a big smily face and tiny little eyes)
We: " ........." (=.=......)

Prof: " okay, lets talk about something else..." (with a big smily face and tiny little eyes again)
(He turn to another slides. With some figures and formula)

Prof:" hey, you guys know a bed bug called an African bed bug?"
We: " .................." (when can we start a normal class?)

Prof: " these bugs is very special, when they mate and the male wanna inject some special liquid (come one, we know what is that!) into female body, what they do is they inject directly into the female's tummy, and that will cause female bug a great great pain. Some may even died. So if you are the female bug, what will you do?"

We:"............"(i thought u said talk about something else)
Anonymous A :"scream...?"

Prof:"scream?! come on, they are bugs?who cares ? "
(i think :" even if they scream,  no male bugs gonna help, they will only got mass raped by male bugs!")

Prof:"they run away! of coz!" 
Prof:"you know how these bugs reproduce? the male bug actually have a organ which is something like vagina , which only female bug has, to pretend they are female and when they get near to the female bugs, they can inject them..haha.."
(with a bigger smily face and more tiny eyes) 
We:" ............."(=.=.......oh my god..)

after that, he talks about how spider have sex... I mean reproduce.. and tell us not to frustrate even we don't have sex or complain about our sex life, because most of the spider give away their life only to reproduce. Oh my.......
after that we finally go on to normal class, which left only half an hour.. so fun!

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