Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ohio Trip part 1

I went to Ohio for the fall break. It was so Fun~
Here are something funny:
Remember that I have a MacBook Pro with a remote. Maybe not many people know we can command music and video of  iTune and Quicktime using the remote controller. Here is the story.
At the first night, I wanna show Jia Yi my make-me-proud Macbook and see her make-me-proud-too face. To my amazement, she just give me a so-what face! Damn! So, I was thinking of how to freak her out! haha! Without her notices, I took the remote, then hid it under my leg and obstructed it with my left hand. Then I ask her whether she know my MacBook is able to use voice command, then said that I wanna show her.
Me: “APPLE 开” (apple open)
(the dark menu's screen turned on, cool huh =P)
SHE: " ehh, 好玩咯!" (its fun to play)
Me:"Up, Up, Up"
(the arrow key went up 3 times)
(the music started)
Me:"Back, back, close"
(back to the desktop)
She:"so cool!  apple 开” (she tried to use the command as well)
She:" 作么不能的yerr....."
Me:"因为Apple只听我的话”(I said the laptop only recognize my voice)
She:"why le?"
Me:"好料啦!" (cool huh..)
 I tried many stuns using my so-call voice command.
After about 10 minutes, I finally satisfied because she gave me a make-me-proud-too face. Then, I told her the truth. Guess what.....I feel so grateful that still survive now. 


Jiayi~ said...

**** you ***hole **** *********

it's so stupid!!!
XD yorh

piggy~babe*vivi said...

i m vivian ar...rmb i m who bo??
lolz...jiayi memang so tun!!!! wahahahaha^^