Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ohio Trip (Zoo)

So, This is the Ohio Zoo entrance and...yea, the dumb girl again(haha!!) 
Sally, Jia Yi's host family told me that this is one of the biggest Zoo in United State, I believe it so, as it is really HUGE! We spend 6 hours to finish it! and most of the time we just ignore the details and introductions of the exhibits.. 
Okay.. I know... goat is a very common animal.  But, u know what, they stand when they sleep. They have very strong will power for sleep, even you are patting it, they are still sleeping..=.=
oh yea, halloween day is coming. So, the Zoo was decorate in a halloween theme. In order to make the Halloween's atmosphere better, I chopped off my head and served them. =p
This is so cute. Whenever the animal died in the zoo, they will make them a grave.
sorry again, i know this actually can be a good picture if the girl is not there. =p 
This is fluffy! The longest largest snake in the exhibit. Probably the laziest... haha~

BATMAN in the ZOO!? YEA, you are right.  But, he is not the Batman in the movie... Because he is not in the movie, he is in the zoo (lame joke...)

Okay, thats it.. impossible to post every photo on here. So finally we went back at about 5PM and it is SO COLD !

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