Saturday, October 31, 2009


So, theres 2 girls try to mess with me today.
An angel and .....not demon or evil, just birk.
What is birk ? birk = bitch + jerk

Not having a good sleep last night.
Which referred to lynn , Not insomnia.
cuz, by definition
insomnia is difficulty on initiating or maintaining sleep
and it may be due to inadequate quantity or quality of sleep.
oh well, I was just finding very hard to sleep.
sleep for a few hours only and can't sleep back after waking up.
so...whats the different? I don know, my engilish is not that good.
those 2 sentences mean the same to me.
ask Lynn.
I think she know how to differentiate... and intergrade ...

So, the moment I sign in to work in the bell center
(For today...Only today ....)
I saw the name Kodee, and beside her name, CM
"keong kan liao lar!"
so glad that no one could hear my brain screaming.
putting my signature on the sign-in sheet,
was like signing the contract to sell your soul to devil.
in return...u got paid 7.25 dollar an hour, instead of magic power.
She is total birk...believe me...
Oh ya..I am not gonna say how birk she was just now.
Waste of my time.

ok, lets talk about another girl
she looks so awesome ...
I mean....when I mention the word she dare not say it out.
wait.... the content bellow is gonna be 18 SX, under 18, please...theres somewhere else for u.
She is Jia Jee, so...
maybe u could figure it out why its gonna be 18SX ..

She: Hey , I wanna ask you something.
Me: what ? ask la...don po po ma ma.
She: Did you ..
Me: NO!

So , why I answer so fast ?
Altho its a bloody morning with my eyes still half open.
ya...rite .... like MU ... bang bua liap , 放半粒

more than 70% of the time,
when she says about asking something..
she wanna ask about something really bad and dirty...
like sex , bloody operation thing , porn .. and so on..

if she is not asking about something dirty..
then must be about other girls..
which if I answer yes...
you will see me on the news headline.
so. most of the question will end up with "no"

so, you see....
the answer is predictable.
anyhow... I will let her ask.

she: do you that thing at night?
me: what thing.. ? I don know...BUT, NO!
she: that thing la...~~
me: I don do weird thing at night ... but, what are saying? hint please.
In my mind:
( have sex with other girls, watch porn ,
outing with girl alone, hunting, suck human blood) = NO
she: Three syllables one .....
me: are SICK ASS!!
in my mind: you sick bitch! i know what you are thinking.
She: you know meh?
me: If other ppl ask ...I don think I am so sure about it,
but you ..I am very sure!
She: then what is it?
me: The bed in the master room.
She: har ??
me: if the bed in the guest room is guest bed ...then......
**ten seconds passed**

everytime..when I am having my breakfast
I am talking about this kinda thing
and sometimes with bloody operation pictures
or been asked to imagine some sort of biological nasty thing ..

I am well trained ..
you are right.

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